Calyx Launches Borrower Loan Interview Solution


Loan origination system provider Calyx Software has launched Zip, a Web-based “loan interview” platform that automatically guides borrowers through an online mortgage application process in Q&A style, matching each borrower with the best loan to meet their unique needs.

The dynamic Zip interview prompts borrowers with questions that apply to their unique situation and loan inquiry, which improves the borrower’s experience and the quality of leads originators receive, Calyx says in a release.

The software is fast to deploy and has a Spanish language option. Naturally, it pairs well with Calyx’s Point and PointCentral loan origination software.

With Zip, lenders, borrowers and other parties in the mortgage transaction can easily and securely send and receive documents for e-signature, Calyx says.

“With overall mortgage originations expected to decrease this year, it’s vital that brokers and lenders have technology in place to help them remain competitive and experience greater success,” says Bob Dougherty, vice president of business development at Calyx Software. “Zip allows loan originators to understand an interested borrower’s needs, their communication preferences, and how far along the borrower is in the mortgage process. Zip levels the playing field with enterprise-level, online lenders – and does it for a fraction of the cost.”

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