Capacity Releases Support Automation Platform for Mortgage Companies


Capacity, an AI-powered support automation platform, has debuted a streamlining and digitizing solution specifically tailored to the mortgage industry.

Capacity says its customers are closing loans 11 days faster than the national average of 47 days.

Capacity’s no-code/low-code platform, accessible through conversational AI, enables human handoffs and intuitive task management via a workflow automation suite, a developer platform and a flexible database that can be deployed anywhere.

“The mortgage and real estate industry runs on an antiquated system that is not up to par with the current digital environment and is in dire need of a remodel to stay competitive,” states Capacity CEO David Karandish. “The companies that are digitizing their operations with support automation tools are the ones who will come out on top.”

Capacity’s unified support automation platform empowers mortgage teams everywhere to answer more than 90% of FAQs with an all-in-one helpdesk, ultimately reducing the support team’s ticket queue. It gives employees access to information via a user-friendly knowledge base, suite of app integrations and conversational interface.

“With Capacity’s support automation platform tailored for mortgage companies, our goal is to centralize information so teams can do their best work,” adds Karandish. “We ensure a company’s intelligence, apps, documents and knowledge are easily accessible in one platform instead of scattered across multiple point solutions – bringing meaningful improvements to the employee and customer experience.”

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