Carrington Property Network Touts Its Rapid Growth

Carrington Property Network (CPN), a national network of residential real estate brokerage firms, has grown to become one of the largest broker networks in the U.S. in just over one year, the company reports.

Since its launch in November 2012, CPN has expanded to include 48 of the nation's largest and highest-producing franchised and independent residential real estate brokerages, 1,057 offices and nearly 33,000 agents generating a combined total sales volume in excess of $59 billion.

A division of the corporately owned and operated national brokerage Carrington Real Estate Services, CPN was created to complement the resale and relocation capabilities provided by residential brokerage companies with best-in-class institutional real estate services. Powered by Carrington, the predominant supplier of institutional real estate services in the residential brokerage industry, CPN now optimizes the service offerings of brokerages in all major U.S. markets.

‘We are very pleased with the incredible growth of the CPN network and with the response this initiative has received from leading brokerages across the country,’ says Steve Ozonian, chief real estate officer of Carrington Holding Co., in a release. ‘With the combined coverage of its own brokerage and CPN, Carrington is now positioned to provide institutional real estate services coverage in major markets across the U.S.’


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