CaseMax Facilitates Unique Integration for Title Services Corporation


CaseMax’s partnership with Title Services Corporation (TSC), an Iowa-based title product company, has yielded an interesting first-time integration for the CaseMax case management system.

Though the CaseMax platform presently offers a title integration, a law firm having done business with TSC in the past preferred its offerings to the available automation.

To win back the business, TSC took a technological approach and implemented a title company version of CaseMax. The result of this unique solution is the first CaseMax-to-CaseMax integration directly from TSC’s CaseMax platform to the law firm’s system.

“Through a mutual need for an innovative, yet flexible solution to continue providing our title products to a valuable client, we reached out to CaseMax to determine if their case management platform could be used for a title company,” says Charles Augustine, president and CEO of TSC, in a release. “To our surprise and excitement, our team concluded the CaseMax system was built in such a way that it could be easily adapted to our business and will help streamline product delivery.”  

The built-in flexibility the CaseMax platform offers allows versatility in an array of applications outside of use for mortgage default and collections by law firms. As the software is a rules-based system, theoretically, any highly regulated industry could adopt the technology to support their needs.

The demonstration of the platform now utilized by TSC for a related but different service opens the door for other companies to look to CaseMax as a solution for their businesses.

“Trailblazing new pathways is always fun and exciting. Innovation is at the core of our product offerings, and this is but one more example,” says Mike Zevitz, president of CaseMax. ”We know the CaseMax system is versatile and is useful to more than our core default servicing industry, and we are grateful to Title Services Corporation for allowing us to prove it. We are excited to explore the opportunities of offering CaseMax to new markets.”

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