ClosingCorp Improves SmartGFE Through Ellie Mae’s Encompass


ClosingCorp, a provider of residential real estate closing cost data and technologies, has enhanced its SmartGFE service to include single sign-on capability for clients using Ellie Mae's Encompass mortgage management solution.

The company says single sign-on provides access to multiple related but independent systems – in this case, SmartGFE and Encompass. Users gain access to both systems by logging into any version of Encompass without being prompted to log in separately to SmartGFE, which, according to ClosingCorp, saves the user time and enables a seamless, one-system workflow.

The single sign-on feature enables Encompass users to gain access to accurate good-faith estimate data for Blocks 3-8; cost estimates are based on the property address in the loan file, as well as the lender's business rules and preferred providers, says ClosingCorp.

The enhanced SmartGFE provides automated user management functionality, which relieves system administrators from creating and managing user accounts, the company adds. The system also includes the ability to output a list of local housing counselors to address one of the new qualified mortgage rules recently mandated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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