Cloudvirga Digital Mortgage Platform Now Integrated with EXOS Technologies


Cloudvirga’s Digital Mortgage Platform is now integrated with EXOS Technologies’ real-time appraisal, closing and signing technology.

The partnership enables Cloudvirga to leverage EXOS’ cloud-based technology to streamline mortgage processes, like appraisal, title closing and scheduling, into a seamless mobile experience for both borrowers and mortgage lenders.

“By adding the EXOS technology to Cloudvirga’s digital mortgage tech stack, we’ve managed to accomplish something that’s unheard of in the mortgage industry – a fully digital consumer and originator experience from end-to-end,” says Daniel Sogorka, CEO at Cloudvirga, in a release. “Our goal has always been to make the mortgage process as painless and straight-forward as possible for both mortgage lenders and their customers. This partnership is a testament to that commitment.”

The integration gives lenders using Cloudvirga the ability to better-manage their pipelines, close deals faster, and boost consumer loyalty and satisfaction by providing loan officers access to various parts of the lending process that had been previously disjointed. 

Similarly, customers are able to take a self-serve approach to scheduling appraisal appointments, and ultimately closing on their home much faster inside one platform – alongside their trusted loan advisor.

In addition to the EXOS integration news, Cloudvirga also recently announced that Sun West Mortgage Co. is now using the Digital Mortgage Platform.

Sun West Mortgage is a full-service mortgage banker and multi-billion dollar national originator.

The lender is also using DocCertainty and HomDNA solutions.

DocCertainty, a document classification and verification platform, assists borrowers with income and asset verification as they upload critical documents (like W2s, pay stubs and tax returns) during the home loan application process.

Documents uploaded to the Cloudvirga Digital Mortgage Platform will be automatically separated into individual PDFs and scanned for accuracy and legibility – saving Sun West LOs valuable time and effort, maintaining compliance, and identifying mistakes that lead to closing delays. 

HomDNA, a document storage platform and post-closing consumer engagement app, helps Sun West loan officers develop lasting, lifetime relationships with their customers.

LOs can offer the app to borrowers at the time of closing to store important documents (appraisal reports and recaps, home appliance warranties, floor plans and construction materials) in a secure, singular location.

HomDNA also provides borrowers with monthly market valuations and a curated directory of local maintenance professionals.

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