Coester Appraisal Group Launches Cloud Control

11127_appraisal Coester Appraisal Group Launches Cloud Control Coester Appraisal Group, a Rockville, Md.-based nationwide provider of appraisal management technology and services, has launched Cloud Control, an appraisal management software built on the platform.

According to the company, Cloud Control is a cloud-based, end-to-end appraisal management technology that manages the entire appraisal cycle. In addition to automating functions and tasks ranging from relaying the initial request to the lender's desired appraisal panel to filing and storing the completed report, the system automatically extracts and converts data into Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP)-compliant formats and submits appraisal data through the UCDP, the company adds.

Cloud Control provides the property value as estimated by an automated valuation model, offers reviewers' notes for every appraisal report, and verifies that the appraiser and property adhere to industry requirements by cross-checking federal resources. It can also be configured to accommodate a wide variety of business rules, the company says. Cloud Control automatically verifies appraiser licensing and certification and cross-checks appraisers against investor ‘black lists,’ in addition to offering extensive customer relationship management functions.

Cloud Control is being offered free of charge to all lenders – both Coester customers and non-customers alike – without obligation to use any additional Coester valuation service.

‘As an appraisal management company, we had tried most of the appraisal management software on the market, and we couldn't find one with anywhere near the customizability we need, so we built Cloud Control,’ says Brian Coester, CEO of Coester Appraisal Group. ‘Other technologies claim customizability but only offer minimal configurability. Cloud Control can be configured to do virtually anything you want – all the way down to the actual user level.’


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