Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance Eyes Western States

13191_michael_dorsey Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance Eyes Western States Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance has announced the launch of a new Orange County, Calif.-based brokerage and advisory services operation under the direction of renowned industry veteran Michael Dorsey.

Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance was launched last year in New York City by Waterfall Asset Management. The new office will help facilitate the company's western region expansion.

Dorsey has over 30 years of commercial real estate and brokerage experience and most recently served as senior vice president with Voit Real Estate Services in their Irvine, Calif.-based office.

‘This is an opportunity to leverage our mid-market, full service platform that supports the underserved small business arena like never before,’ says Dorsey. ‘Small to mid-cap companies make up the majority of all transactional real estate business within the Orange County market and we will focus on that segment as our core business.’


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