ComplianceEase, Titan Lenders Enter Partnership

Denver-headquartered Titan Lenders Corp., a closing, post-closing and mortgage back-office fulfillment services provider, has become a client-partner with ComplianceEase, a provider of mortgage industry automated compliance and risk management solutions.

Titan Lenders Corp. will utilize the ComplianceEase flagship product, ComplianceAnalyzer, to ensure its customers' loan packages comply with federal, state and municipal requirements. Within seconds, this Web-accessible software solution can check every loan in a loan pool for compliance, the companies note. Additionally, ComplianceAnalyzer has the capability of verifying Truth-in-Lending statement calculations, giving lenders the added security of accurately conveying payment estimates and finance charges.

ComplianceAnalyzer integrates with Titan Lenders Corp.'s Web-based process automation platform, Cerberyx – a contemporary technology platform designed specifically for its processes.

In addition, under the partnership, ComplianceEase and Titan Lenders Corp. will co-market their services and capabilities to mortgage lending enterprises that are interested in improving business results through mortgage process automation and innovation.


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