CoreLogic Credco AutomatIQ Integrated with PointServ Solution


PointServ Technologies says it has integrated its payroll and tax product with CoreLogic Credco’s AutomatIQ Borrower digital mortgage solution, enabling mortgage lenders to leverage PointServ’s network of payroll and tax preparation providers through AutomatIQ.

With the integration, borrowers can seamlessly link their online tax and payroll accounts to return income data and documents directly from tax and payroll providers. Lenders obtain the required income documents in a digital format in real time, allowing for faster decisions in underwriting and help in reducing fraud.

“We are thrilled to have CoreLogic as a partner on this journey to modernize the mortgage origination process,” says Iavor Boyanov, PointServ’s CTO. “Through CoreLogic’s cutting-edge AutomatIQ Borrower solution, lenders can save time and resources by obtaining validated source payroll and tax return data from their consumers via PointServ’s secure and intuitive technology.”

“CoreLogic Credco is excited to provide PointServ’s tax and payroll solution as part of our mission to take time, touch and cost out of the mortgage lending process,” adds Rina Jariwala, executive, product management, at CoreLogic Credco. “By providing our clients the ability to allow their borrowers to easily supply their tax and payroll information via our AutomatIQ Borrower portal, this partnership brings us closer to a true digital mortgage experience.”

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