CoreLogic’s LoanSafe Suite Now Accessible Through Mortgage Builder’s Software


CoreLogic's LoanSafe Risk Manager suite of risk mitigation solutions can now be readily integrated with Mortgage Builder's suite of software solutions for the mortgage banking industry.

That means mortgage bankers, banking institutions and credit unions using Mortgage Builder's software can now have instant access to the LoanSafe Risk Manager suite, without having to migrate away from Mortgage Builder's platform.

Consisting of market leading fraud analytics, data and risk scoring, LoanSafe is designed to help lenders maximize fraud detection while minimizing collateral risk. CoreLogic claims the suite delivers access to the most comprehensive property ownership and mortgage application database in the industry.

‘CoreLogic is actively broadening the availability of our risk mitigation solutions to loan originators, helping them improve loan quality and assist with best practice data validation in their loan origination process,’ explains Susan Allen, vice president for CoreLogic, in a release. ‘Our partnership with Mortgage Builder will provide our clients with a simplified, streamlined experience, helping create a more efficient and productive loan cycle.’

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