CRE Loan Prices Improve In April

gregate value of commercial real estate (CRE) loans priced by Boston-based DebtX that collateralize commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) increased to 76.4% as of April 30, from 75.9% as of March 31. Loan values were 79.4% as of the end of April 2009. ‘The increase in U.S. CMBS collateral prices was the result of tightening credit spreads and a flattening of the Treasury yield curve,’ says Kingsley Greenland, DebtX CEO. ‘Those factors more than offset a deterioration in commercial real estate fundamentals.’ In April, DebtX priced 58,352 CRE loans with an aggregate principal balance of $691 billion. These loans collateralize 625 U.S. CMBS trusts. DebtX is an online marketplace for loans, with more than 300 selling institutions, including commercial banks, insurance companies, investment banks and government-sponsored enterprises. SOURCE: [link=]DebtX


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