Credit Communications, Market Kinetix Offer Mortgage Action Plan

Credit Communications Inc. (CCI), a nationwide credit reporting firm for the mortgage industry, has implemented Market Kinetix's Mortgage Action Plan credit analysis solution, a patent-pending Internet-accessible software tool designed to help mortgage brokers help their borrowers secure loans.

‘Brokers are always at the mercy of lender guidelines, and especially with the tightening underwriting standards we're seeing, they're looking for usable solutions that empower them to take greater control of the approval process,’ says Marty Flynn, president and CEO of CCI.

After the mortgage originator gets a borrower's credit report, he or she clicks on the Mortgage Action Plan option from within Certified Credit's Web site to get information on the fastest method for achieving a target credit score, the companies explain. Mortgage Action Plan then identifies how to achieve the desired credit score – including information on how much each borrower's credit score can be raised, a three-tier list of the specific actions a borrower can take to proactively raise his or her score, and definitive information on the point increase each action will bring.


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