Credit Union Servicer Converts To Web/T.I.M.E.

McDonald Computer Corp., a provider of automated servicing technology, says Member Mortgage Services has converted to McDonald's Web-based servicing system, Web/T.I.M.E.

Member Mortgage recently updated its servicing system with the new software and will complete full integration early March. Customers will have greater accessibility to loan information and improved ease of use, McDonald says. Member Mortgage Services, which deals primarily with credit unions, began using the McDonald system several years ago, according to Member Mortgage Services' vice president of servicing, Karen Nayh.

"The new Web/T.I.M.E. system was an easy transition for us," she says. "The look and feel remains the same, but we are gaining more functionality and our customers will have better access to loan information than we were able to provide before."

Reporting functionality was simplified by the Web/T.I.M.E. system implementation, Nayh adds. "We wanted to be able to see all of our loan numbers in line with each other on the screen for easier readability, and McDonald Computer made the change. It was that easy."

SOURCE: McDonald Computer Corp.


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