DataQuick Enhances Its Precision Loan Model

Real estate data and analytics provider DataQuick has enhanced its Precision Loan Model (PLM) so that lenders and investors can accurately identify and position all relevant loans on a property.

With DataQuick's PLM, lenders and investors can calculate combined loan to value, quickly assess lendable equity, understand and manage changing risk in relation to property-level loan-to-value ratios, and make accurate default management decisions, the firm says in a release.

Clients are able to assess and monitor all additional liens on the property that may be ahead or behind their own loan. PLM also delivers a full profile of the other loans on the property over a regular time series – which includes new lien dates, lender information and amounts. When combined with other solutions from DataQuick, lenders can gain insight on borrower performance on each of the loans on a property, thus giving them a full view of loan-level portfolio risk.

‘Lenders and investors need a complete picture of their exposure on every loan, but if they only have loan origination data, they're likely missing key details,’ says John Walsh, president of DataQuick. ‘PLM provides our clients with the insight they need, and with these enhancements, they'll be in an even better position to evaluate their risk.’

‘Deploying our enhanced logic along with the other loan- and property-level intelligence included with PLM results delivers both the loan-level view needed to accurately evaluate individual borrowers, as well as a more comprehensive overall portfolio review process,’ Walsh adds.


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