DebtX: CRE Loan Prices Saw Modest Gain In May

gregate value of commercial real estate (CRE) loans priced by Boston-based [link=]DebtX[/link] that collateralize commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) increased to 76.6% as of May 28, from 76.4% as of April 30. Loan values were 77.6% as of May 29, 2009. ‘U.S. CMBS collateral prices increased again in May,’ says DebtX CEO Kingsley Greenland. ‘A flattening Treasury yield curve due to a flight to U.S. government securities more than offset a deterioration of commercial real estate fundamentals and a widening of credit spreads.’ In May, DebtX priced 58,901 CRE loans, which collateralize 630 CMBS trusts, with a $691 billion aggregate principal balance. SOURCE: [link=]DebtX[/


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