DebtX Revamps DXSyndicate Platform

DebtX, a provider of loan sale advisory and valuation and analytics services, recently updated its DXSyndicate platform to help syndication professionals better manage deal flow.

The revamped platform is the product of a multiyear research and development project between DebtX and its syndication clients and partners, the company says. The new version improves deal flow through new data mining capabilities, tight email and calendar integration, mobile device support, covenant and compliance tracking, advanced search, among other features.

DXSyndicate can be used for a wide range of CRE, C&I and other types of loans.

‘We live in a technologically advanced world, but until now, the syndication market has not been the beneficiary of such advancements,’ says Kingsley Greenland, CEO of DebtX, in a release.

In addition to offering support for all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox) and all major mobile phone and tablet platforms (Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone), the platform now offers the following new features and functionality:

  • Enhanced covenant and compliance tracking: Upon closing of a deal, users can easily set up automated covenant and compliance event tracking. DXSyndicate then automatically notifies the responsible administrators and source contacts of upcoming deliverables. The agency team can track the status of all covenants across the entire portfolio.
  • Detailed fee and commitment tracking: The platform now provides an overview of all lenders with fully integrated tracking by tier, title, commitment and fee. This enhancement enables syndication teams to abandon spreadsheets, aggregate deal data, and run detailed lender analyses. Data mining capabilities help spot opportunities and increase profitability.
  • Drag-and-drop browser upload: With a simple drag-and-drop, users can upload multiple files and nested folders directly from a computer or network drive into the deal site.
  • Amendment voting: DXSyndicate allows syndicators to invite lenders to review and vote on amendments via a calendar invitation. Users can easily set up a voting event, required voting percentage, invite appropriate parties and track indicative and executed votes with executed documents.
  • Powerful search capabilities: Users can instantly search across deals, contacts, lenders and documents with Google-like ease. The platform performs searches faster and with greater precision.

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