Deephaven Mortgage, Incenter Offer Appraisal Services to Non-QM Brokers


Deephaven Mortgage is partnering with Incenter Appraisal Management to offer non-agency/non-QM brokers remote appraisal services for Deephaven’s loans.

Deephaven will provide brokers with Incenter Appraisal Management’s RemoteVal technology, which reduces appraisal turn times from weeks to days, without compromising the integrity of the process. A dedicated Incenter Appraisal Service Team will be assigned to each broker, communicating daily on the status of their files.

“With the United States seeing the largest number of unincorporated self-employed individuals in 13 years, brokers can penetrate a new market of credit-worthy borrowers with non-QM loans,” says John Keratsis, president and CEO of Deephaven Mortgage. “However, the challenges of appraiser shortages and appraisal backlogs are slowing down lending. We are thrilled to overcome this hurdle with Incenter Appraisal Management’s groundbreaking solution.”

The new technology enables appraisers to fully manage the appraisal process and work time efficiently, without having to drive to a property or rely on homeowners or the property contact to take accurate photos on their own.

Instead, using RemoteVal, an appraiser takes control of the property contact’s smartphone camera, and then directs them where to point the lens as the appraiser remotely snaps geographically verified time-stamped images and closeups. The solution’s built-in digital measuring tape makes it easy to determine square footage/gross living area measurements, as well.

“With the increase in demand for these types of loans, the non-agency/non-QM brokers’ time is now,” states Mark Walser, president of Incenter Appraisal Management. “We are thrilled to provide the most progressive technology and professional teams so that Deephaven’s network of independent brokers can thrive.”

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