Default Servicing Technologies Rebrands As Exceleras

Now that delinquencies and foreclosures have fallen to pre-crisis lows, many of the mortgage servicers that were focused solely on distressed loans are now repositioning themselves to focus on the broader market, which mostly comprises performing loans.

Some default servicing technology firms are repositioning themselves, as well. As such, Default Servicing Technologies is rebranding itself as Exceleras. In a release, the company says it is now turning its focus “toward empowering investors to profit in the new real estate business.”

“For many years, Default Servicing Technologies has played a crucial role in helping its clients deal with valuing and selling real estate,” says Michael Harris, an industry veteran who has been consulting with Default Servicing Technologies throughout the rebranding process, in a release. “The company is unmatched in its ability to meet these demands, but in doing so, it has gained valuable experience that has allowed the company to create software that meets a broader set of industry needs. Starting now, the company will meet those needs as Exceleras.”

Exceleras will continue to offer the DispoSolutions suite of solutions, including the firm’s real estate owned (REO), short sale, valuation and offer management solutions, as well as its ValueSolutions enterprise collateral valuation management technology.

The systems can be used together or a la carte. Together, these tools allow Exceleras clients to manage assets that are both pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure, as well as the process of providing due diligence solutions for portfolio acquisition, such as obtaining valuations and inspections for real estate assets.

“Automation allows our clients to accelerate the pace of business, which is vital to success,” explains Amy Bergseth, vice president of operations for Exceleras, with regard to the origins of the new name. “At the same time, operating in a highly regulated environment requires every technology buyer to seek out excellent partners, especially when it comes to mission-critical technology.

“Expanding beyond the default sector required us to rebrand,” Bergseth adds. “Exceleras is now the most excellent solution for accelerating your business with technology.”


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