DIMONT, Proventure Roll Out Complete Investor Claims Offering


DIMONT, a provider of specialty insurance and loan administration services to the residential mortgage industry, has formed an alliance with Proventure Consulting to deliver a technology-enabled investor claims solution to servicers.

Clients will be able to manage their portfolios of claims within one solution, thus ensuring maximum recoveries, reduced losses, and mitigation of risk and re-conveyance exposure. The solution has built-in investor/insurer business rules, complete workflow management, load balancing features, claims deadline queuing, risk alerts, third-party system integration and complete filing capabilities with all investors and insurers.

Moreover, the predictive loss analysis feature provides clients with real-time loss exposure estimates and enables servicers to manage loss trends for remediation purposes while delivering real-time visibility into all claim statuses and payment reconciliation reporting.

Oversight and client management is handled by DIMONT’s team of claims analysts.

“We believe, with DIMONT’s team of experts and the proven claims technology, we have the first-ever complete investor claims offering to deliver to the marketplace,” says Patrick Gonzalez, president of Proventure Consulting. “We are excited about the growth opportunities we have working with DIMONT and are looking forward to delivering the best-in-class solution to the industry.”

“Servicers face significant risk when handling the liquidation of distressed properties, with the expertise required to navigate all the investor and insurer guidelines, the technology required to efficiently and effectively manage the claim’s process, our collective solution provides the first ever comprehensive investor claims platform,” adds Laura MacIntyre, CEO of DIMONT. “This has been a long time coming, and I am excited to say it is here and ready for prime time.”

Photo: Laura MacIntyre

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