East Point Systems Introduces New Analytics Dashboard

East Point Systems, offering software solutions to the field services industry, says it has developed a new analytics dashboard that gives field services companies the ability to make time-sensitive decisions that are based upon real-time business data.

‘One day in my previous life as an owner of a regional field service company, my processing manager raised a concern about the number of work orders being processed by a certain staff member when compared to her peers,’ explains Dan Allen, president of East Point Systems, in a release. ‘I spent the next few hours sorting through all the work this individual was performing, and compared it to my senior staff's performance. The difference was alarming, so I brought the staff member into my office to discuss the situation.

‘During the discussion, she explained to me how she was always getting the most difficult work orders to process, such as bids, while the other processors were getting the easier orders, such as grass cuts,’ Allen continues. ‘I now knew it was an unfair assessment and I needed to revise how we were tracking and dispersing work assignments. If I had a business intelligence reporting tool like the new analytics dashboard to view that day, I would have quickly seen the disparate work assignments.’

East Point Systems says the new dashboard takes all of the data from internal/external databases connected to any platform and combines it into a visual interface that includes an easy-to-view set of graphs.

‘Everyone knows that we all make the best decisions that we can, based upon the information we have available at decision time,’ says Tom Margarido, CEO of East Point Systems. ‘The more information a decision maker has at decision time, the higher the probability that decision will be the right one.’

Margarido says the new dashboard is ‘extremely flexible and has the ability to deliver business intelligence the way your company needs to view it.’

‘This product is not an add-on to an existing software system,’ Margarido says. ‘This is a standalone platform that is capable of interfacing with any database or multiple databases in order to provide you with the analytics and business intelligence that your business requires.’

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