Ellie Mae’s Encompass LOS Now Supports CoreLogic’s Merge Plus

CoreLogic's Merge Plus credit supplement can now be accessed through Ellie Mae's Encompass loan origination system.

Merge Plus, a CoreLogic Credco product, gives lenders the ability to request additional details on an applicant's credit report, streamlining the loan application decision process.

CoreLogic Credco is the first to offer credit supplements like Merge Plus in the Encompass platform, CoreLogic reports in a press release.

Merge Plus is designed to provide lenders with additional information on an applicant when alerts or inconsistencies appear on the applicant's credit report.

When a lender using Encompass requests additional information via Merge Plus, an FCRA-certified specialist at CoreLogic Credco performs additional research on up to three items in the applicant's credit report, including current balances on accounts older than 90 days, accounts in dispute or severe delinquency.

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