eMortgage Logic BPOs Now Include Home Price Trend Charts

eMortgage Logic (EML), a Fort Worth, Texas-based valuation provider, is now offering a ‘home price trends’ chart on all of its broker price opinions (BPOs). The visual aid, produced in concert with an unidentified real estate analytics provider, will illustrate the dynamics of the subject market's volatility, EML explains.

Included in this graph is the average sales price for both real estate owned and arm's-length transactions at the ZIP-code level, along with the historical and current market data specific to the neighborhood.

Chris Reynolds, Director of Data and Analytics for EML explains "Most will agree that statistics derived on a [core-based statistical area] or county level only paint an overall picture of a market's performance,’ says Chris Reynolds, director of data and analytics for EML. ‘However, at a single-asset level, more granular statistics are needed in order to be relevant to that particular transaction.’

SOURCE: eMortgage Logic


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