Envoy Mortgage Correspondent Division Accepts LoanScoreCard’s QM Findings Report

LoanScoreCard, a provider of automated underwriting and qualified mortgage (QM) compliance solutions, has been accepted by Envoy Mortgage to provide Envoy's correspondent division its QM form as evidence of compliance through submission files.

‘We're pleased that Envoy has reviewed the LoanScoreCard QM Findings Report and has found that it provides the compliance evidence required,’ says Allen Meigide, director of operations at LoanScoreCard, in a release. ‘We'll continue to work with organizations to streamline their operations whenever possible.’

More than 175,000 QM Findings Reports have been generated since LoanScoreCard's QM product came onto the market in August 2013. These reports are available to users of major loan origination systems and can also be accessed via browser at LoanScoreCard.com or integrated into any proprietary system through web services, the company reports.


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