Essent Guaranty Approved By FHLB Of Boston

The Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) of Boston has approved Essent Guaranty as an eligible mortgage insurer for loans purchased under its Mortgage Partnership Finance program, which provides member institutions a competitive secondary market alternative.

With this approval, Essent Guaranty is now an eligible mortgage insurance (MI) provider to all FHLBs across the nation with mortgage purchase programs.

‘Essent Guaranty is thrilled to receive the FHLB of Boston's approval to expand services and help meet the mortgage insurance requirements of all its participating financial institutions in New England,’ says Jeff Cashmer, chief business officer for Essent Guaranty, in a release. ‘We look forward to providing credit enhancement for loans through the Mortgage Partnership Finance program. Essent offers FHLB Boston member institutions the benefits of working with a strong and fair counterparty and dedicated customer service to best serve their home financing needs for low down payment borrowers.’

In other news, Essent Guaranty recently announced that its mortgage insurance can now be quickly ordered through INTEGRA's Destiny loan origination system, thanks to an integration between the two companies.

‘Lenders using INTEGRA's Destiny platform will now have seamless and direct access to Essent MI products,’ says Bill Kaiser, chief operating officer for Essent Guaranty. ‘From checking rate quotes to ordering MI, Essent's delegated and non-delegated underwriting customers have the ability to complete their mortgage loan process even more efficiently.’


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