Fannie Servicing Marketplace API Now Integrated with Optimal Blue PPE


Black Knight Inc. says it has completed the integration of its product and pricing engine, Optimal Blue PPE, with Fannie Mae’s Servicing Marketplace API to provide clients with scenario-specific, granular pricing for servicing-released transactions.

By connecting the two in real time, the Optimal Blue PPE further enhances efficiencies and secondary marketing processes by fully automating the servicing-released premium (SRP) pricing of Fannie Mae loans. 

Available to all Fannie Mae sellers that use the Optimal Blue PPE, this integration enhances previous pricing capabilities by retrieving adjustments related to loan amount, state, loan-to-value ratios and other variables. This new capability also includes expanded data points, such as par rate and par spread calculations, to return more specific SRP pricing. The fully automated functionality also helps clients gain efficiencies, with faster access to more detailed pricing, Black Knight says.

“This highly anticipated integration addresses the secondary market’s need for exceptionally precise, automated servicing-released pricing,” says Scott Happ, president of Black Knight Secondary Marketing Technologies. “Clients can improve their best execution with highly accurate pricing that is calculated based on extensive adjustments and their servicers of choice – either one or multiple.”

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