FHFA Using RiskSpan Tool for MBS Analysis


The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has selected RiskSpan’s Edge cloud platform to analyze mortgage-backed securities issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The Edge platform provides FHFA instant access to agency MBS pool- and loan-level data via the cloud, powering advanced prepayment analytics across the mortgage securities spectrum. The platform also enables FHFA to query loan-level data via RiskSpan’s API.

Edge hosts and manages approximately 13 billion loan records and 3.5 million securities – with securities performance history dating back over 20 years, the company says. The cloud solution connects RiskSpan clients with loan-level collateral backing agency MBS, CMOs, non-agency RMBS and ABS. The platform facilitates the analysis of loans and securities in support of trading, portfolio management and risk management.

“We have been providing data services to the agency mortgage market for more than a decade,” says Don Brown, RiskSpan’s senior managing director. “As mortgage data sets become larger and more complex, we continue to evolve our offering to allow clients easy access to the tools and models necessary to make optimal use of all the data available.”

With Edge’s embedded analytical tools, users can run S-curves, aging curves and time series analyses for any subsegment of loans or securities; create customized charts to compare performance across cohort, servicer or any other classification; develop, modify and share queries; and access delinquency transition matrices for any Ginnie Mae cohort.

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