Finastra Named a Preferred Partner by BlackFin


Mortgage consultancy BlackFin has named Finastra, a provider of financial software applications and marketplaces, a preferred partner.

As a preferred partner, Finastra will collaborate closely with BlackFin to implement and enhance digital banking and mortgage solutions for its clients.

Finastra’s extensive suite of solutions, including its leading open fintech ecosystem, will be leveraged to create tailored, future-proofed solutions.

“We are honored to be become a preferred partner of BlackFin,” says MaryKay Theriault, senior director, product management, at Finastra, in a release. “This partnership reflects our shared commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to our customers. Finastra’s cutting-edge technology and extensive industry expertise will enable lenders and bankers to accelerate digital transformation, enhance customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth.”

By leveraging Finastra’s solutions, BlackFin aims to strengthen its competitive position, drive operational efficiencies, and deliver enhanced experiences to its customers. Finastra’s technology solutions, combined with the institution’s deep industry knowledge and commitment to excellence, will enable both parties to unlock new opportunities and achieve their strategic objectives.

“This partnership with Finastra is an important step in our journey to further enhance our clients’ digital capabilities that we believe will better serve our customers,” says Keith Kemph, CEO at BlackFin. “As a Preferred Partner, we believe Finastra’s innovative solutions and proven track record will enable our clients to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, drive operational efficiencies, and deliver superior customer experience. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership presents and look forward to achieving great success together.”

Photo: Ross Sneddon

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