First American Mortgage Solutions Launches New Mobile Inspection Application


First American Mortgage Solutions has enhanced its collateral inspection services with innovative mobile-enabled technology.

Specifically, the company has launched a new mobile inspection application offering enhanced mobile data capture, image and sketch options, with an intuitive workflow that delivers dynamic data collection. The application works with multiple products in a collaborative environment.

The company has also launched a new collateral inspection portal that connects appraisers and inspectors to AMCs, lenders and investors, enabling efficient collaboration and data delivery. The technology allows quality control to take place much earlier in the inspection process, resulting in efficiency gains for lenders and an improved consumer experience.

In addition, the company offers trained, vetted national staff and panel inspection services. These staff are trained to use the latest technologies to deliver the evolving types of inspections as a result of appraisal modernization, the company says.

“Valuations, like all other aspects of the mortgage lifecycle, are becoming increasingly modernized and technology-driven,” says Kevin Wall, president at First American Mortgage Solutions, in a release. “With our enhanced mobile and data delivery capabilities, we’re helping lenders and valuation professionals stay ahead of the changes and evolving inspection landscape.”

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