Fitch: $9B In CMBS Loans To Mature In Next Six Months

#036;9 billion of fixed-rate U.S. commercial mortgage-backed security (CMBS) loans will mature within the next six months, according to a recent review by Fitch Ratings of its U.S. CMBS portfolio. Of the 960 loans (representing $9.6 billion) scheduled to mature by year's end, 103 are currently in special servicing. ‘While liquidity is slowly returning to the market, the time it takes for borrowers to refinance continues to be a lengthy process,’ says Fitch Senior Director Adam Fox. ‘Loans may remain with the master servicer for up to three months while the borrower works to close a new loan.’ The maturity breakdown by month through December is as follows: [list]July: 148 loans ($1.7 billion);*August: 134 loans ($1.4 billion);*September: 154 loans ($1.1 billion);*October: 180 loans ($1.9 billion);*November: 161 loans ($1.6 billion);*December: 183 loans ($1.9 billion).[/list]0 SOURCE: [link=]Fitch Ratings


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