FNC Rolls Out New Version Of AppraisalPort

FNC Inc. reports that it is rolling out a new, more user-friendly version of its AppraisalPort solution, which is used by appraisers, appraisal firms and appraisal management companies to securely receive and manage orders as well as to send completed appraisal reports back to lender clients.

‘The new AppraisalPort platform is completely modernized,’ Jon Fisher, managing director of product management at FNC, proclaims in a press release. ‘It's one of the more advanced sites you'll see, definitely in our industry and I believe in the technology world in general.’

The updated version sports a completely new look and feel, with updated color schemes, larger icons and simplified screens that are easier to navigate and read.

‘It was built with a focus on the user experience,’ Fisher says. ‘It has a responsive design that operates more fluidly, is more intuitive and offers more visual indicators to ease navigation throughout the site.’

For example, first-time users can be guided through the site by an interactive training tool. Need to know how to complete your profile or how to accept an order? Training bubbles will walk you through the steps. Ready to upload a report? A brief video will show you how.

‘You can walk through the tour in 10 minutes and we've touched on every icon, menu, and activity pad within the site, so we're very excited about that,’ Fisher says.

The new version also includes a profile completion indicator that tells users how to be more visible by highlighting their qualifications and ensuring that their profile contains all the information lenders need when evaluating an appraiser.

In addition, the Web-based system is now supported on any device with a current Internet browser.

FNC says the bulk of the improvements were based on feedback from users.

‘We have listened to our vendor clients and succeeded in addressing a majority of their feature requests in the new AppraisalPort,’ says Mike Mitchell, chief strategy officer for FNC. ‘I believe our customers are really going to enjoy [the new version].’


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