FormFree Holdings’ AccountChek Solution Integrated With MeridianLink

Users of MeridianLink's suite of applications can now order, analyze and certify a borrower's bank assets in just minutes, now that FormFree's AccountChek solution has been integrated with MeridianLink's platform.

‘The ability to verify a borrower's assets quickly and electronically is the future of mortgage lending,’ says Douglas M. Glagola, vice president of business development for MeridianLink, in a statement. ‘When it comes to paperless bank verifications, we're thrilled to provide our clients with access to the industry's leading solution in AccountChek.’

Thanks to this integration, users of MeridianLink's services will also be able to eliminate falsified bank statements, one of the primary causes of mortgage fraud.

MeridianLink's web-based systems are used for credit reports, online consumer lending and new deposit accounts. These services are available through all the major loan origination systems. As a result, more lenders will have access to AccountChek for asset verification.

‘MeridianLink is one of the financial services industry's most widely respected developers, renowned for its expertise and support,’ says Brent Chandler, founder and CEO of FormFree. ‘By integrating our patented AccountChek solution with MeridianLink, [we are bringing] paperless asset verifications to more lenders while making the lending experience that much easier for today's borrowers.’


  1. I have left a message several days ago trying to find out how we sign up for this and details but cannot get a response. Can someone help me with this?


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