Forsythe Appraisals Now Using Global DMS’ eTrac Enterprise Platform

Forsythe Appraisals is now using Global DMS' eTrac Enterprise platform to manage appraisal ordering, tracking and review for all of its branch offices covering 40 major metropolitan areas across the country.

Previously, Forsythe Appraisals was using a proprietary valuation management system.

‘Since implementing Global DMS' platform, we have realized very measurable gains in efficiency, productivity and tracking while reducing our IT spend using their comprehensive Web-based appraisal management technology,’ says John Forsythe, president and CEO of Forsythe Appraisals, in a release. ‘While our proprietary platform worked very well, we saw greater efficiencies in Global DMS' platform and how it meshed with our specific workflows and internal processes. Our users love the system and find it has made a big difference in how they do their jobs.’

As per the release, Forsythe Appraisals has a unique business model whereby its appraisers are exclusive W2 employees that operate out of its wholly owned and operated branch locations. Company officials claim this model is proven to ensure continuity and quality, as well as providing better control over processes.

With the Web-based eTrac Enterprise platform, new features and functionality are updated automatically and seamlessly. What's more, the software is automatically updated to reflect ever-changing federal, state, government-sponsored enterprise and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau compliance regulations. In addition, the software scales almost infinitely, which will help as Forsythe Appraisals grows its operations.

The solution also automates Forsythe Appraisals' workflow, facilitates client and branch-level communications, monitors order status, and handles review and fulfillment while providing all the essential reporting and accounting functions.


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