Freddie Mac Offers CreditSmart Tutorial For ‘Working Families’

13660_house_for_sale2 Freddie Mac Offers CreditSmart Tutorial For 'Working Families' Freddie Mac is now offering a free, online CreditSmart tutorial designed to ‘provide working families and new or inexperienced borrowers with basic sound information about building savings, personal credit and making wise financial choices.’

CreditSmart is a financial education curriculum that has reached more than three million consumers in 44 states through lenders, churches, schools and nonprofit organizations. The online CreditSmart tutorial includes individual modules on banking, budgeting household income, building personal savings and credit, understanding credit scores, avoiding credit traps, getting a mortgage and closing a loan. For current homeowners, the online CreditSmart tutorial includes modules tailored to help them avoid foreclosure, maintain their home and succeed as long-term homeowners.

‘Our new online CreditSmart tutorial is a stepping stone to homeownership, especially for working families who are unsure how to start household budgets or build the personal savings and strong credit for the future,’ says Christina Diaz Malone, Freddie Mac's vice president of corporate relations and housing outreach. ‘Today's announcement underscores Freddie Mac's commitment to help America's next generation of borrowers achieve long-term financial stability.’


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