Genworth MI Integrates With Optimal Blue PPE

Genworth Mortgage Insurance, the Raleigh, N.C.-based unit of Genworth Financial Inc., has integrated with Optimal Blue, a product and pricing engine (PPE).

The integration with makes pricing and information about Genworth mortgage insurance (MI) products available to loan officers at approximately 600 additional mortgage lending institutions, says Genworth, who also notes that these customers now will have the ability to more quickly price loans with the company's MI, which can boost productivity.

Other features include the following, according to the company:

� Email rate quote results to themselves or others in the origination process, such as a processor or underwriter. Originators can add the borrower name and loan number to the results to ensure MI rate information is tied to the correct loan file, which can help lenders with compliance;
� View and print results that contain all the loan parameters used to generate the MI quote;
� See a brief description of each Genworth MI product when the computer cursor hovers over it; and
� Generate a scenario ID to allow a loan originator to recall a specific Optimal Blue Genworth MI rate quote obtained through Genworth's Rate Express and order MI directly from Rate Express.

Genworth adds that the integration will allow mortgage loan originators to get direct access to Genworth USMI rate quotes, including comparison of Genworth MI rates with Federal Housing Administration coverage. The Optimal Blue integration also will automatically calculate MI Premium Tax information, where needed.


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