Ginnie Mae Issuers Can Use RON for POA Mortgage Documents


Ginnie Mae is extending the use of electronic signatures in conjunction with Remote Online Notarization (RON) to include power of attorney (POA) mortgage documents.

All Ginnie Mae issuers can now use RON to execute POA documents when necessary to obtain single-family government insured or guaranteed loans on “paper” mortgages. By extending digital capabilities to include POA mortgage documents, Ginnie Mae is modernizing its mortgage-backed securities (MBS) program with flexibilities that benefit our Issuers and borrowers.

“This extended program feature will benefit service member borrowers on overseas duty and other borrowers who cannot execute loan documents in person,” says Sam Valverde, Ginnie Mae principal executive vice president. “Ginnie Mae is committed to meeting the homeownership needs of households who cannot access the traditional brick and mortar process.”

Issuers must continue to follow all insuring or guarantying agency guidance regarding POA eligibility and requirements, including the circumstances under which a borrower is permitted to use an attorney-in-fact to obtain single-family government insured or guaranteed loans. By using RON for POA, Ginnie Mae issuers are subject to the electronic signature and notarization requirements outlined in chapter 24 of the MBS Guide.

Image by pressfoto on Freepik.

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