Greater Nevada Mortgage Now Using Mobile Version Of FICS’ eStatus Connect

Greater Nevada Mortgage is now using Financial Industry Computer Systems’ (FICS) eStatus Connect Mobile App to improve the service it delivers to its borrowers.

Based in Carson City, Nev., Greater Nevada Mortgage is a full-service home mortgage lender offering an array of products for purchase or refinance – from fixed-rate mortgages, to Federal Housing Administration loans.

The lender knew it needed a mobile application in order to meet the needs of its borrowers, many of whom prefer to use mobile devices to manage their mortgages. One of the interesting things about FICS’ platform is that investors can access borrower data directly through the platform.

“In an age where borrowers are moving towards a self-service model, mobile applications become very important in the servicing arena,” says Jenny Casselman, vice president of loan servicing at Greater Nevada Mortgage.

Greater Nevada Mortgage has already been using FICS’ eStatus Connect for 15 years in order to provide elite service to its borrowers through digital channels. Now, with the mobile version, it can further improve borrower satisfaction.


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