Guaranteed Rate Mobile App Offers Enhanced Digital Tools for Lenders


Mortgage lender Guaranteed Rate has launched its new RED-VP mobile app. This end-to-end digital tool is designed to act as a mobile pipeline, empowering loan officers to accomplish anything from issuing a pre-approval letter to locking in a rate, all in real time and all fully remote using just their smart phone.

“Guaranteed Rate is dedicated to developing incredible fintech solutions that make a real difference for our loan officers and their customers,” says Ramesh Sarukkai, Guaranteed Rate’s chief product and technology officer. “Our transformative new RED-VP mobile app is just one more way we are setting our loan officers up to win by providing them with the best end-to-end digital tools in the industry.”

RED-VP features easy biometric login on mobile and the ability to leverage app notifications to increase efficiencies during the mortgage application process. It can enable loan officers create a new loan, send a one-click conditional approval letter, lock in rates, obtain real-time pricing, run automated underwriting, get instant access to pipeline and contacts, run a credit report, verify property details, and access a summary of all loan details.

“The new RED-VP mobile app is a real game-changer for loan officers who are always on the go,” states Justin Lopatin, SVP of mortgage lending at Guaranteed Rate. “It allows me to be mobile and super effective no matter where I am or what time it is. Best of all, it makes the process of getting your dream home that much faster and simpler for my customers.”

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