Hightide Settlement Services Now Offering E-Closings Via Pavaso


Hightide Settlement Services, a provider of title and settlement services, is now offering e-closings through Pavaso, a software company offering digital mortgage closing technologies.

Hightide has extensive experience and expertise to tailor comprehensive, customized solutions for every title and settlement need, according to a release.

Pavaso expands the range of options available to Hightide customers and helps deliver faster, more convenient closings. 

The Pavaso platform breaks down traditional silos and brings everyone in the home buying transaction together in the same digital environment, where they can seamlessly communicate, collaborate and securely exchange information throughout the entire closing process.

Designed by industry veterans to simplify the closing experience, Pavaso helps save time, reduce costs and streamlines processes. Customers can also enjoy more convenience, education and transparency. 

“Hightide is always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience and adapt to the demands of a changing industry,” says Keith D. Murray, president and CEO of the firm. “The Pavaso platform helps Hightide do both. Not only does Pavaso give our customers more choices and convenience, but it also gives us tools to maximize efficiency and remain competitive in the digital age.”

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