Homestead Funding Using LenderLive For Subservicing

Albany, N.Y.-based Homestead Funding Corp., a regional mortgage lender doing business mostly in the Northeast, is now using LenderLive Network Inc. as a subservicer for its residential loan portfolio.

‘With all the regulatory changes, we needed to work with a subservicer that would help us navigate the new regulatory landscape and actively communicate with us and our borrowers,’ says Brandy Bogan, servicing manager at Homestead Funding, in a release. ‘LenderLive immediately earned our trust by being proactive, knowledgeable and, most importantly, highly responsive to our borrowers' questions regarding the transfer process and loan information.’

‘Our solution for Homestead Funding is a true private-label offering – built for their specific needs and expansion plans,’ adds Dave Vida, president of LenderLive's Servicing Division. ‘Homestead's customers are already benefiting from our unique blend of proprietary technology, compliance protocols and highly experienced, enthusiastic personnel.’


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