HomeStreet Bank Implements TeleVoice IVR Solutions

TeleVoice, a Houston-based provider of customized telephony applications, has announced that Seattle-based HomeStreet Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of HomeStreet Inc., has implemented the company's call center solutions.

TeleVoice says this will help HomeStreet achieve compliance with the latest mortgage servicing regulations while supporting the management of its expanding mortgage lending footprint and increasing volume of customer service calls.

Its interactive voice response (IVR) solution, TeleVoice notes, enables HomeStreet Bank to handle the majority of its inbound calls via TeleVoice without the involvement of customer service representatives.

Margaret Hart, loan servicing operations manager for HomeStreet Bank, comments, "With TeleVoice, our customers have quick access to loan information, giving them the ability to make one-time drafts and request an immediate faxed payoff statement while ensuring calls that require an agent are transferred to the correct group based upon loan-level criteria."

Additionally, TeleVoice has a 27-year partnership with Black Knight Financial Services (formerly LPS) – also used by HomeStreet Bank – which further expedited the implementation of TeleVoice's solutions, which are integrated with Black Knight's systems.


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