HomeStreet Bank Using TeleVoice’s Screen Pop Technology


In an effort to improve customer service, Seattle-based HomeStreet Bank is now using TeleVoice's screen pop technology in its mortgage servicing department.

The customized solution integrates with HomeStreet Bank's existing IVR system and Black Knight's MSP data platform. Inbound callers reaching a customer service representative will no longer need to provide their loan number, because the caller's account information will automatically be displayed on the agent's workstation.

Basically, the system identifies the customer by way of Caller ID or dialed number identification service (DNIS) by automatically associating the customer's phone number with their account profile. Through this integration of IVR and database, it is possible for pertinent and relevant customer information to be ‘screen popped’ onto an agent's desktop. This, in turn, allows the agent to quickly view important information, including account status and recent transactions, while they're on the phone with the borrower, without the need to search for it or switch to another application.

TeleVoice says using screen pops can reduce agent-borrower interactions by an average of 15 to 20 seconds. In addition to the efficiencies to be gained, these integrations also help servicers comply with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's servicing rules by maintaining a detailed audit trail of all agent-borrower interactions.

Most importantly, screen pops help drive customer satisfaction.

‘The additional functionality of the TeleVoice technology gives our customer service agents and loan counselors the opportunity to improve customer service and meet borrowers' needs, which are our major goals and paramount to our continued success,’ says Marlene Price, loan servicing manager for HomeStreet Bank, in a release. ‘This technology will improve our customer service and support our continued regulatory compliance.’

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