Hope LoanPort Now Integrated With FormFree’s AccountChek


Hope LoanPort (HLP), a nonprofit technology provider for the mortgage industry, has integrated FormFree‘s AccountChek automated asset verification solution into its communication platform.

HLP connects consumers, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development-certified housing counselors, mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, attorneys and government agencies to build solutions that help homeowners apply for loan modifications and other options to avoid foreclosure.

“This partnership will benefit homeowners in financial distress by streamlining loss mitigation processing and taking it to a new level of efficiency, reliability and security,” says Cam Melchiorre, president and CEO of HLP. “AccountChek provides all the documentation servicers need to determine a consumer’s ability to pay under a home retention workout – without the frustration of gathering statements or dealing with lost or incomplete paperwork.”

AccountChek is a cloud-based service that securely connects with virtually any financial institution to analyze consumer assets and deposits, delivering a safe and hassle-free verification experience for borrowers and greater purchase certainty for lenders and investors.

FormFree is Fannie Mae’s first designated vendor for asset verification through Desktop Underwriter (DU) as part of its Day 1 Certainty program, which offers enforcement relief from certain reps and warranties for validated loan components.

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