Housing Counseling Agency Using IndiSoft Solution

SafeGuard Credit Counseling Services Inc. has selected IndiSoft's RxOffice Premium Counselor Edition to support its work with homeowners in New York.

SafeGuard was established in 1996 and added housing counseling services in 2008. Initially, five of SafeGuard's counselors will use RxOffice Premium Counselor Edition to help them manage cases and increase productivity.

‘We can now easily maintain contact with clients, organize and track documents and run reports that meet our internal quality control requirements, as well as ensure counselors provide the best service possible to consumers,’ says Carolyn McCormack, assistant vice president of SafeGuard.

‘With RxOffice Premium Counselor Edition, counselors are helping current and new homeowners determine a financial decision that makes the most sense for their individual situation, whether it is an REO or pre-purchasing or lease-to-own scenario,’ adds Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, president and CEO of IndiSoft.


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