IDS Adds Fulfillment Audit Service To E-Signature Platform

Salt Lake City-based International Document Services (IDS) has added fulfillment audit services to its e-signature platform to meet Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit requirements for all electronically signed 4506-T forms.

The IRS began accepting electronic signatures on the form on Jan. 7. The new IDS service, FES Reporter, builds and distributes audit reports, as well as certificates of completion, for documents signed electronically in the idsDoc system. Clients can opt to have the 4506-T audit report sent automatically on the first of the month. Certificates of completion are available upon request through IDS customer service.

‘The move to finally make the 4506-T an e-sign document provides the missing piece in the ability to e-sign all origination documents. It was the main paper signature document left in the mortgage origination process, and this is the next step to a completely paperless process,’ says IDS Executive Vice President Mark Mackey.


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