IMM, eOriginal Provide Electronic Asset Management Services

IMM, a provider of e-signature, workflow and document solutions for financial institutions, has partnered with eOriginal to bring transferrable records management with vaulting and transaction services to customers using Document Exchange, IMM's cloud-based remote e-signature solution.

‘Today, more secondary market loan portfolio purchasers, such as the Federal Home Loan Bank and Federal Reserve Board, require electronically signed documents to be managed by authoritative copy functionality,’ says John Levy, IMM co-founder and executive president and Electronic Signature & Records Association (ESRA) board member.

"Therefore, institutions that pledge or collateralize loan portfolios, as well as those selling loan portfolios to third-party investor markets, are increasingly seeking these services," he continues. Through our relationship with eOriginal, IMM's financial institution customers can now meet the needs of investors by generating, electronically vaulting and managing authoritative copies."

Steve Bisbee, president and CEO of eOriginal, further explains the importance of these services: "IMM is now making it simple to create and electronically manage legally binding authoritative copies from records signed with its Document Exchange solution. This is facilitating improved security and compliance for IMM customers while also ensuring they retain full accessibility and control of their documents and contracts."

IMM is currently integrating eOriginal's authoritative copy and electronic asset management capabilities with its TotaleAtlas e-signature solution. The integration is scheduled to be completed and available for customer implementation later this year.


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