IndiSoft’s WipeOut Tool Now Certified By U.S. Department Of Defense

IndiSoft's secure data destruction application, WipeOut, has received certification from the U.S. Department of Defense under the U.S./Canada Joint Certification Program, thus giving mortgage lenders that use the solution greater peace of mind in complying with new security regulations.

The certification means lenders can have even greater confidence that WipeOut will help them protect the privacy and financial information of their customers, as well as meet new federal regulatory requirements.

In addition, IndiSoft is in the process of becoming a National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) member, which will provide another level of certification for the application.

‘Becoming a member of NAID is yet another way that IndiSoft will stay apprised of industry and regulatory changes," said Jeremy Pease, executive vice president of infrastructure for IndiSoft, in a release.

WipeOut enables users with proper security and login requirements to permanently remove sensitive data from the hard drive of a server, PC or laptop.

Mortgage lenders can protect themselves from federal penalties for privacy violations by using the data destruction tool, which maintains a complete audit trail as evidence of the steps taken to eliminate data leaks.


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