Industry Vendors Partner To Launch American Home Remedy

Specialty servicer Wingspan Portfolio Advisors and the Wingspan Real Estate Network (WREN) have launched American Home Remedy, a partnership with Realty Legal Service (RLS) and the Home Counsel Group (HCG) designed to accelerate the short sale process.

American Home Remedy will offer a one-stop resource for initiating short sales and managing offers. The service, which draws from RLS' short sale management technology and the HCG attorney network, will also cover closing and title services, and insurance matters.

‘American Home Remedy leverages the tremendous strengths of its partners to create a powerful tool for fast, compliant and accurate short sale management,’ says Chris Plummer, WREN's managing director. ‘Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, a leading mortgage servicer, and WREN, with its real estate expertise, are the ideal complement for the RLS technology platform and HCG, with their existing and growing network of law firms.’


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