Interthinx Launches Forensic Review Appraisal Service


Agoura Hills, Calif.-headquartered Interthinx Inc., a provider of risk-mitigation, fraud-prevention and regulatory compliance tools for the mortgage industry, has introduced R/EValue, a forensic review appraisal service.

Interthinx says this service leverages state-of-the-art technology and the most experienced forensic review appraisal professionals in the industry. Reviews are typically returned within 10 business days, and Interthinx audits appraiser work and ranks its panel of reviewers after every assignment.

Professionals who do not provide timely and consistently excellent work are removed from the Interthinx panel.

‘Appraisal accuracy is central to your decision as to whether to conduct business with third party appraisers and originators,’ says Stacey Louie, senior vice president of product development and engineering for Interthinx. ‘Access to the most experienced forensic review appraisal professionals through Interthinx is crucial to evaluate and mitigate risk and significantly reduce the chance for future loss.’

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