Interthinx Merges Google Maps Images Into Software

Agoura Hills, Calif.-based Interthinx has integrated Google Maps satellite images into its FraudGUARD product to help lenders decrease loan processing time and quickly identify external issues with properties.

According to the company, the FraudGUARD software contacts the Google Satellite image database in real time, which returns a 360-degree external view of the property from the street level. There is no additional cost to use satellite images in FraudGUARD.

The new Interthinx product enhancement can also highlight risk associated with borrower employment and intent to occupy, the company adds. Satellite images from the Occupancy Map help pinpoint potential misrepresentations of employer location. In addition, the visual support allows for quick identification of the distances between the subject property, borrower's current residence, and employer location.


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